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The Smart Screen product is an all aluminum made in Canada and the USA eavestrough cover. Our product is designed to keep leaves a debris out of the your gutter, to avoid the tedious task of cleaning out your eavestrough every spring.


Not only, does the smart screen help keep your gutters clean, by installing it, it strengthens your existing gutter system. The Smart Screen provides maximum strength and durability and resists ripping and tearing that may occur with products that include a plastic or rubber edge. Its Front and Back fastening system locks the Smart Screen® panel securely in place strengthening your entire gutter system, reducing the amount of weight on them. The Smart Screen fits easily over and can be installed in three easy steps with basic tools. And come in convenient and easy to handle 4-foot lengths.


The smart screen protects against, leaves, pine needles, snow, ice, animals & nests, and more. Contact us today, and ask us how we can help protect you.