The Smart Gutter Protection System

Where can I purchase Smart Screen®?

Smart Screen® is currently available in Canada and the USA. For a list of retailers, click here.

What size gutters / eavestroughs does Smart Screen® fit?

Smart Screen® is available for 4” & 5” gutters for retail product, and 5” & 6” gutters for contractor product. *Be sure to order the correct size for your home. If you have different size gutters, please Contact Us for more information

How do I install Smart Screen®?

Smart Screen® is installed in 3 easy steps.

  1. Align Smart Screen® panel to the fascia using a supplied panhead screw.
  2. Fasten rear of Smart Screen® panel to the fascia using a supplied panhead screw.
  3. Overlap Smart Screen® panels using the cut-out guides at the end of each panel.

For more details, click here.

Does Smart Screen® protect against pine needles?

Smart Screen® is designed to keep all falling leaves and debris out of your eaves trough. It is possible, though unlikely, that something will find its way through a hole at exactly right angle but if this does happen it will be flushed clear with the next rainstorm. Smart Screen® gets rid of the initial blockage in your system, allowing small bits to flow freely.

Does Smart Screen® come in different colors?

Retail Smart Screen is available in mill finish only. Commercial Smart Screen is available to distributors in mill finish, and commercial brown. Please note that 6” Smart Screen is ONLY available in commercial brown currently. Please contact us for more information.